Five Projects Which Aim to Redefine Social Media Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

By 2021, it is expected that more than three billion people will be using social media. While traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram still attract billions of monthly visitors and millions of new users every day, many of them are demanding more than these one-dimensional platforms can deliver.

Existing platforms do not share values back to their users, if they do, it is only limited to influencers who have large followers. However, even these influencers do not have the full control over their data as well as the revenue being generated by their contents. These platforms are also free to censor contents as they see fit, with little to no recourse.

Sharing is no longer the only goal for many social media users. Gen-Zers and millennials which make up more than fifty (50) percent of social media population seek more rewarding ways to consume and share their content, while ensuring privacy and ownership and control of their data and contents.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies provide a viable alternative where users can truly own and control their contents and receive the value they deserve. In this article, we will discuss five projects which aim to redefine social media using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

1. Uhive

Uhive is the world’s first social universe. Its innovative platform enables users to create and display their space, known as a ‘personal profile’ with a digital location in a world of infinite space for occupancy. Powered by interest-based user selection, users have the option to only see contents that they choose to appear.

These spaces which range from travel, science, news, business, sports, religion, pets, literature, health and astronomy to music, comedy, movies, gaming, fashion, cars and comics, mimic real-world real estate that could go up and down in value and can be sold or rented to other users, including businesses.

A result of a five-year research and development, Uhive aims not only to connect people together and to enable a free flow of information but also for users to explore and express their needs, urges and wants, which has been so far limited across the current social networking.

Uhive is powered by Uhive tokens, its own ERC-20 based utility token, with a total supply of 80 billion. These tokens can be stored in the built-in wallet of the platform and would eventually become the method for exchanging services or buying goods as well as for businesses to advertise their brands and products and for paying users a share of revenue that their spaces generate.

If you want to know more about Uhive,you may read the previous article I have written, If you want to own a part of the next big thing, you may use my link to join Uhive, We will both get free Uhive tokens.

2. Appics

APPICS is a social media application that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion and user-generated income inside a single mobile application. It enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue from their content and engagement, as well as creative influence within the network.

When it comes to its approach in organizing contents, APPICS divides posts into twenty (20) categories, including ever-popular themes such as fashion, music, food, travel and sports. Users can endlessly explore the latest trends and indulge in never-ending snaps based on the niches they are passionate about.

The platform is also making a concerted effort to change perceptions about advertising on social media. The categories mean that businesses can choose to only show their advertisements in categories where their products or services belong. This increases the likelihood of establishing strong connections and ensures that promotions will reach a greater number of people who have a genuine interest.

APPICS is powered by APX tokens, which has recently announced a switched from the Steem to the Telos blockchain. These tokens which have a total supply of 240 million can be used to participate in the reward-system by sharing, commenting and voting on contents. The more tokens users hold in their integrated account wallet, the more they increase their voting influence.

If you would like to share and earn from your contents as well as meet a great community, you may use my link to join APPICS,

3. SoMee

SoMee is a social hub that utilizes blockchain technology, cryptocurrency rewards and decentralized features to ultimately empower community members with the power of choice and maximized value. It is built to resist top down censorship and control.

The platform encourages and makes profitable those that speak and spread truth, while allowing the community to down vote propaganda and lies. It deploys a host of unique algorithms, technologies and other concepts to measure the weight and impact of users and their contents.

The ‘gravity’ and ‘gravitational pull’ of a content is determined in proportion to the number of people viewing it in a measured time frame. The ‘gravity’ algorithm defines its weight and impact as ‘G-Force’. The ‘G-Force’ mechanism works on the concept of ‘stickiness’ or the capacity of a content to attract attention, as explained by Malcolm Gladwell in his book.

SoMee is powered by ONG tokens with a total supply of 150 million. These ERC-20 based tokens are utilized as a means to reward users for their quality and quantifiable contributions to the network. The platform also has a built-in wallet where ONG tokens can be securely stored by its users.

If you would like to share and earn from your contents, you may visit SoMee’s website at

4. Hyprr

Hyprr is an all-in-one social media and content delivery platform, built on the blockchain to give users and creators more control of their contents and information. It offers a rewarding experience where everyone can gain from its unique monetization model.

The platform gives a total social experience by combining every type of content streams, posts, messaging, image and video sharing, blogs, community interaction and eShops. This means that users, content creators and even advertisers need not deal with a lot of different platforms to post different types of contents.

Hyprr is powered by uDoo tokens with a total supply of 888,888,888. These tokens are used for every financial transaction on the platform from paywall content to advertising and even passive income generated through likes and shares. The platform also has a built-in wallet where users can easily buy, sell and exchange their uDoo tokens to their home currency.

If you would like to share and earn from your contents, you may visit Hyprr’s website at

5. Vid

Vid is a social diary where users can express their creativity, remember special moments of their life, build communities around shared interest and connect with their friends and family — all while being rewarded for the value they provide to the platform.

The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automatically edit clips to the beat of the music, identify the most relevant parts of the clip, speed up and slow down content and apply filters that give the final product a polished and professional feel.

Vid is powered by VI, an ERC-20 based token with a total supply of 888,888,888. Every day, 7,000 new VI tokens are released and are up for grabs amongst all users who use the app, create videos and engage in the platform. Vid is currently building its own mainnet with either a proof-of-stake or delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

If you would like to share and earn from your videos, you may use my link to join Vid,

All of these social media projects are still under development, thus, most of their features are still unavailable or available to only beta few testers. However, these projects are already gaining thousands of new users as well as hundreds of thousands of new contents being uploaded to their platforms every day.

With the unique solutions that these projects provide, in addition to their passionate teams and strong communities, it is not impossible for these platforms to go mainstream soon and for social media users to do the big switch.

Let us know in the comment section which among these social media websites or applications you are currently using and which token are you most bullish. Tell us the features that you like most about it. I will be glad to read your ideas and to share my opinion.

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I am not a financial or investment advisor. The purpose of this channel is to raise awareness about blockchain, the technology which will make the greatest impact in the decades to come and help in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Please only consider this as educational or informational. This is never intended as a financial or investment advice.)


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