Uhive: A New Kind of Social Network

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Uhive: A New Kind of Social Network

It’s been a year since I gave an update about Uhive. As an ambassador for this amazing project, let me give significant and exciting updates . If you are not yet on Uhive, you can join by using this link, https://www.uhive.com/invite?c=AYKD1J. You will immediately get some tokens.

There is more information flowing into our lives now than ever — much of it distracting and distressing. Social media platforms are crowded with different people who have different perspectives and opinions. The posts and comments we see on our feeds could either make us feel great or haunt us all throughout the day.

It is difficult to search for certain areas of interests and choose which among these interests will appear on our feeds, not to mention the numerous disruptive advertisements. Another problem, only a few users are getting rewarded for shedding their privacy and sharing their content, no matter how successful it gets.

Uhive aims to solve these problems.

What is Uhive?

Uhive is not simply another ‘social network’ or a ‘Facebook wannabe’ — it is the world’s first social universe. Its innovative platform enables users to create and display their space, known as a ‘personal profile’ with a digital location in a world of infinite space for occupancy. Powered by interest-based user selection, users have the option to only see contents that they choose to appear.

These spaces which range from personal, travel, science, news, business, sports, religion, pets, literature, health and astronomy to music, comedy, movies, gaming, fashion, cars and comics, mimic real-world real estate that could go up and down in value and can be sold or rented to other users, including businesses.

According to its whitepaper, Uhive is a result of a five-year research and development. Its goal is not only to connect people together and to enable a free flow of information but also for users to explore and express their needs, urges and wants, which has been so far limited across the current social networking. Its strategy is backed-up by the understanding of human behavior, which helped to design and creates the best user experience for everyone.

Since its beta launch last June 2020, Uhive was able to gain 300,000 users and more than 9 million posts. Its sleek mobile application has also a great rating in Google Play and App Store.

Spaces and their Purpose

Spaces on Uhive are in fact non-fungible tokens (NFTs) divided into two: the Civilized World and the Free World. The former acts as a personal profile or alternatively, interest-based profiles that users could share to the public or to their own network of friends or family. Each account can create one free space within each of the twenty-six (26) interests in the Civilized World for a total of 26 free spaces. Spaces are limited and can be exchanged and rented to other users including advertisers.

While the latter, serves as a place for self-expression and inclusion, free from prejudice and fear. It is all about building connections in a judgment-free world. The free world grants users the freedom to explore through uncharted infinite spaces, where they can spend hours browsing anonymously and never reach an endpoint.

Each space has its own social score that represents where a user places on a spectrum that measures the success of their spaces, with the highest value and most successful being 999. This social scale can fluctuate, going up and down, according to several variables such as the time spent on Uhive, the number and quality of followers, the quality of content and the level of engagement with other users and posts.

Social scale contributes to enhancing user experience. The higher the social scale, the more features a user can access and the less restrictions exploring Uhive’s social universe. Thus, a user who shares contents that are frequently flagged or reported for violating the community rules will not be able to enjoy many of the features.

Worth noting is that the social scale on the Civilized World and Free World are entirely different scores and are calculated using two different algorithms. One can be a social superstar in one world and choose to quietly exists in the other.

Uhive Token and its Usage

Uhive is powered by Uhive tokens, its own utility token based on ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, with a total supply of 80 billion. These tokens would eventually become the method for exchanging services or buying goods as well as for businesses to advertise their brands and products and for paying users a share of revenue that their spaces generate. Also, users may use these tokens to gain attraction for their spaces.

Users can also use $HVE tokens to tip their favorite spaces. There are rewards that can be bought by users to give to their favorite creators. These rewards stay permanently and are displayed as badges in the profile. In the coming months, Uhive also plans to integrate additional virtual reality (VR), NFT and some DeFi features to give more usage to the token.

Every account created on Uhive comes with its own in-app digital wallet where Uhive tokens could be stored. These tokens could also be moved to any external wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Users can earn Uhive tokens by simply using the app, posting great content and engaging with other contents.

A big portion of the large $HVE supply is locked for the coming years and decades. Uhive also plan to buy back some supplies in the market to ensure the sustainability of the platform.

Uhive tokens can also be purchased through the app or web portal using several popular payment methods including Paypal and Google Play as well as paying using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Currently, 333.00 Uhive tokens are valued at USD 1.00. $HVE will be listed on the 23rd of March on Probit and Latoken. More exchanges will soon list the @HVE token.

There is also an upcoming V2 of the $HVE token this 15th of March. The V2 $HVE token will use another chain which is much more scalable and will not cost so much gas.

Why Join Uhive and Invest in its Tokens?

Uhive is still in beta, however in a matter of few weeks, it gained more than 300,000 users and 9 million posts, and still growing. Every aspect of Uhive is based on a financial model that benefits all users from its growth. As the network grows and becomes more impactful, Uhive token will also grow in value and importance.

Uhive’s global launch this October and addition of new features and the robust efforts of the team behind it to raise awareness will further fuel the growth of the network, which expects to have one million users by the end of this year. Also, the listing on multiple exchanges of Uhive tokens early next year will increase not only the value of the tokens but also the interest of other users to join or make the switch to the network.

If you would like to own a part of the next big thing, you may use my link, https://www.uhive.com/invite?c=AYKD1J. We will both get free Uhive tokens.

Do you think Uhive will be able to replicate the success of traditional social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Feel free to share your opinion about Uhive in the comment section below.

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